Kids Get Creative at Burning Man

Posted by Emma

Have you heard of Burning ManIt’s a festival in the Black Rock desert of Nevada where over 48,000 participants create their own community. From food to shelter, they make it all – and leave a week later leaving no trace on the land. It’s named after the huge wooden effigy the group burns during their stay, often with fireworks and a bonfire. It’s a week of music, art, and self-reliance.

This year, kids are getting really creative.

The YES Project is an innovative new way for kids to learn at Burning Man and beyond. Made by kids for kids from repurposed and found materials like glass, metal, and vinyl LP discs, the YES project (standing for Youth Education Spaceship) is a structure spearheaded by artist Dana Albany that travels across the USA, docking in different cities and educating kids about the value of turning trash into art and exploring the world – and universe – around us. There’s even a curriculum on board.

Photo Credit: George Post Photography

Credit: George Post Photography

Kids enter the spaceship and find themselves in an interactive classroom – complete with an LED light show and a fog machine. Inside, there’s a creative curriculum from artists and volunteers that teaches robotics, solar energy, environmentalism, space travel, astronomy, and more. It’s a fun and unique way for kids to learn about the world – and it encapsulates the spirit of community that Burning Man is all about.

And it was designed by 7-12 year olds!

Check out the video below to find out more.

Burning Man runs from August 26th to September 2nd, 2013!

Can’t make it? The YES Project might be coming to a city near you. Get ready for lift-off in 3, 2, 1…

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