Superheroes and the environment for Earth Hour

Posted by janeecekeller

Earth Hour is here. Lights around the globe will turn off at 8:30pm tomorrow (29th March) night to raise awareness for the environment!

Get the kids excited about helping the planet. #superkids #useyourpower #earthhour2014

Get the kids excited about helping the planet. #superkids #useyourpower #earthhour2014

The campaign started here in Australia with the WWF inspiring more than 2.2 million people and 2,000 businesses to switch off for one hour. It has since become an annual worldwide event.

Millions of people will be switching their lights off around the house and office, which makes for great family and friends bonding time. So, how do you keep the kids entertained without the lights?

    • Play board games?
    • Have a family challenge?
    • Setup camp indoors and tell spooky stories by candlelight?

In the spirit of this year’s ‘Spiderman’ theme we are challenging kids to be creative for Earth Hour. Why not get the kids to dress up as their favourite superhero and get the kids excited about helping the planet.  Then share your hour of fun with friends and family using the tags #superkids #useyourpower #earthhour2014

Lets all be heroes for our planet!



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